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Re: My discussion of the research accomplishments of Dr.

Article discussed by me in:

Article I discussed:


To Whom It May Concern:


In the article referenced above first-authored by Dr._________, she published her original scientific finding that a drug molecule she discovered called __________ can prevent a protein called P-glycoprotein (P-gp) from causing the body to become resistant to anti-cancer drugs.  Such drug resistance is a major problem in chemotherapy treatment.


The article written by me referenced above was a review article about novel findings of major impact and importance that have potential applications in the treatment of cancer.  My article was published in Future Oncology which is a monthly analytical newsletter for executives, researchers, and market analysts in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, financial, hospital and other health care industries. It provides comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of scientific, technological, clinical and commercial developments in oncology. To date, Future Oncology has presented comprehensive information on over 900 oncology drugs in development (by developer/affiliate, mechanism of action, indication and status), as well as numerous other related products, and profiled over 300 developers worldwide.


I discussed Dr. ___________ work because her findings showed that _________ can be used to block the effects of P-gp, allowing chemotherapeutic drugs to remain within cancer cells in the body and have a toxic effect on cancer cells.  I considered Dr. ___________ finding wherein she discovered how to prevent P-gp from causing the body to become resistant to anti-cancer drugs as having major significance in the field of mechanism based bio-active molecules and worthy of acclaim. That is why I discussed it in my review article in the major trade publication Future Oncology.





Dr. _________________

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