Example of a Critical Role Verification Letter


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Re: Critical role of Dr. ___________ for the Fels Institute for Cancer Research & Molecular Biology, Temple University School of Medicine

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to indicate that the role of Dr. _________ is performing at the Fels Institute For Cancer Research & Molecular Biology, Temple University School of Medicine (“Fels”) is critical to the organization and to others employed by the organization.

Historically, Fels has played an essential role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge. The Institute was the home of the American Association for Cancer Research and the journal Cancer Research until 1991. Fels is organized as a group of laboratories led by individual investigators. A major goal of the Institute is to foster independence among investigators while promoting innovations and collaboration between them. It is unquestionable that Fels has a distinguished reputation that is one of eminence, distinction or excellence.

I am currently  the ___________ and a tenured professor Molecular Biology and Medicine with many years of research experience in cancer molecular biology, epigenomics and genomics. As the ________, I have personal knowledge of the significance of Dr. __________ critical role. The bulk of the current research projects on melanoma and related drug discovery at Fels are directly performed and/or supervised by Dr. ________ and it would be catastrophic to the Institution’s operations if Dr. _________ could not keep working with us in the United States.

Dr. ________ has been employed by Fels since 2013 and she has received direct drug discovery research funding from the NIH for her to identify novel target genes and new pathways for drug resistance on melanoma and to develop novel drug candidates for clinical use on melanoma.

I would rank Dr. _________ among the top 2% of her peers and co-workers at Fels as her research has overcome almost all of the major obstacles that have prevented other researchers at Fels from developing an effective drug screening system for melanoma and obtaining novel target genes on melanoma which makes Dr. ________’s discoveries at Fels among the leading discoveries in the world currently in melanoma cancer research. This brings acclaim to Fels/Temple University.

These mouse models that Dr. _______ has discovered have been widely used in Fels for other research as well. Dr. _______ has also been critical to Fels because she provides a broad view of an entire project and insight into technology development to pinpoint critical problems which are essential to strategy design and product development at the organization level.




Marco PignoneExample of a Critical Role Verification Letter