EB-1 & NIW Lawyer Fees

Fair, Affordable Lawyer Fees with a Money Back Guarantee for Qualified Clients

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Roughly 15% Lower Legal Fees Than Major Competitors

The fees and costs our law firm charges to prepare an immigrant petition and green card application for scientific researchers are fair, affordable, and deliver an excellent value to our clients.

We Don’t Overcharge to File Your Form I-485

In our opinion other law firms tend to overcharge for the preparation and filing of Form I-485 which winds up costing their clients more money than necessary or results in some clients filing the Form I-485 on their own leading to additional and unneeded stress and the potential for errors which could lead to delays in the issuance of the green card. We want our clients to stay with us through the entire process, and we want it to be affordable for them while we maximize both their odds of success and confidence in receiving the green card.

Our Legal Fees are Always Clear, Flat Fees

I-140 EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Aliens

$ 5500 Flat Fee

I-140 EB-1B Outstanding Professors and Researchers

$ 5500 Flat Fee

I-140 EB-2 National Interest Waiver

$ 5500 Flat Fee

Protect Yourself with Our Money Back Guarantee Policy for Qualified Clients

If your case is denied, you haven’t gained anything, and for that reason we make our clients feel safe with our Money Back Guarantee Policy. Very few law firms that handle EB-1 and NIW petitions offer such a policy to any of their clients. As Mr. Getson has more than 25 years of experience in the field and is able to analyze the probability of approval in a given case, we are able to offer a money back guarantee to most of our clients. Please contact us for a consultation and Mr. Getson will personally evaluate your case free of charge.

We Don’t Charge to Respond to a Request for Evidence

Many lawyers fail to file a thorough, professionally prepared I-140 Petition and for this reason, the Immigration Service often issues what are called Requests for Evidence (“RFE”) or Notices of Intent to Deny (“NOID”). Many of these lawyers then charge the client to respond to the RFE or NOID, requiring the client to come up with a significant amount of money very quickly to meet the response deadline.

We think this is unfair and lawyers who charge for these services have an incentive to file a poorly prepared petition to make more money. For this reason, we do not charge in this situation, and if you choose Getson, there are no additional fees to respond to a Request for Evidence or Notice of Intent to Deny.

Details on Our Money Back Guarantee Policy for Qualified Clients

If the EB-1A, EB-1B and/or NIW Petition of any client for whom we provide a money back guarantee is denied we will refund that client the entire $5500 legal fee.

We have a $100 charge for mailing and copying expenses.

We offer a payment plan on the $5600 attorney’s fee/costs for the I-140 Petition of $2350 initially followed by 4 monthly payments of $812.50 each.

If the strategy is to file a NIW petition initially and then file an EB-1 petition in the future after the NIW petition is approved, the attorney’s fee for the future EB-1 petition is $1500 plus $100 for mailing and copying costs.

I-485 or Consular Processing
$1250 for the principal applicant plus $750 for each dependent family member (spouse/child under 21).

USCIS (Government) filing fees are as follows:

  • $1015 per I-140 petition ($715 filing fee plus $300 asylum program fee)
  • $2805 for optional premium processing for any I-140 petition that is filed
  • $1440 per I-485 green card application for anyone 14 years or older
  • $950 per I-485 green card application for any child under 14 years old
  • $260 per person for optional I-765 work permit application
  • $630 per person for optional I-131 advance parole travel document application
  • Consular Processing Fees – $345 per person