Convenient Communication

Our Philosophy: Good Communication Through Innovative Software

The number one complaint against lawyers is poor communication. In fact, many bar associations report that the most frequent basis for a bar complaint is that the lawyer wasn’t returning the client’s phone calls.

Our law firm has always made it a priority to return all phone calls and reply to all emails within 24 hours, and usually before the end of the work day in most cases. We also try to limit the number of cases per lawyer, at any given time, so that each lawyer can devote the necessary time required to provide a high level of service to each client.

There are a lot of problems with email in general, from simply too many emails, to emails accidentally ending up in a junk box, to a general lack of organization. For these reasons, in 2014, we decided that our clients would benefit from more innovative software that made the experience of working with our clients more clear open and transparent. We now use the world’s #1 software designed to help teams of people collaborate on a project, and that software is known as Basecamp.

Getson uses Basecamp

With the use of Basecamp, we have taken communication to a whole new level of detail and clarity for our clients. When we create, upload or modify documents related to our client’s cases, they automatically receive an email from Basecamp indicating the update on their case, and they can instantly see the new version in their Basecamp account, available on their desktop computer, tablet or cell phone. Also, our clients can upload files directly to Basecamp which automatically notifies their lawyer. Basecamp creates a clear timeline of activities so both lawyer and client are always on the same page looking at the same documents and files. We recommend Basecamp to all lawyers and hope that in the future, more lawyers will improve their ability to communicate with their clients.