EB-1B Outstanding Researcher Petition Approved for Researcher in the Academic Field of Organic Synthesis and Radio Labeling

Getson & Schatz, P.C. represents many Universities throughout the United States who sponsor their researchers for EB-1B Outstanding Researcher Petitions. We recently had an EB-1B petition approved for an individual conducting research in the academic field of organic synthesis and radio-labeling in order to develop new ways to synthesize organic compounds that are environmentally friendly and have applications in industrial and pharmaceutical products.

The researcher was internationally recognized as a scientist with outstanding abilities in the academic field of organic synthesis and radio-labeling because of his significant accomplishments in developing methods of organic synthesis that have led to the creation of novel organic compounds.

Multiple independent experts in his field of research all attested to the fact that his research works significantly contributed to the development of the field of organic synthesis as the organic compounds derived from his research are used to make commercial products and drugs and do not harm the environment. The University provided two letters – one confirming the offer of employment and his 3 years of research experience and the other offering him a full-time permanent research position as a Research Associate.

The researcher had published his groundbreaking research findings in the very top-ranked international scientific journals in his field which were frequently discussed by other researchers in the field around the world and he was invited to present his research findings at multiple international scientific conferences. Additionally, his research findings were being used commercially for industrial applications. USCIS approved the I-140 EB-1B petition via premium processing. Following the approval of the EB-1B petition the researcher and his wife filed I-485 Applications for Adjustment of Status which were approved.