AAO Decision 07-29-2014

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EB-1A Petition Approved for Researcher with 7 Publications

To establish eligibility for a green card (lawful permanent residency) based on extraordinary ability, a foreign national must prove extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim; achievements recognized in the field through extensive documentation; that the foreign national is one of that small percentage who has […]

EB-1A Petition for Extraordinary Ability Alien in the Sciences Approved

Our immigration lawyers recently aided a foreign national with extraordinary ability in the sciences obtain an EB-1A petition approval, thereby giving our client the opportunity to continue his research in the United States that will undoubtedly aid health care in the United States. The EB-1A visa category is reserved for foreign nationals who are one […]

National Interest Waiver Petition Approved for Researcher in F-1 OPT Status

Our Philadelphia immigration law firm represented a foreign national from Iran who was in F-1 OPT status and self-filed an EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) Petition. The client was a researcher who was conducting research to understand the dynamics of molecules and how energy transfer occurs. We demonstrated that our client’s research accomplishments at both […]

EB-1B Outstanding Researcher Petition Approved for Researcher in the Academic Field of Organic Synthesis and Radio Labeling

Getson & Schatz, P.C. represents many Universities throughout the United States who sponsor their researchers for EB-1B Outstanding Researcher Petitions. We recently had an EB-1B petition approved for an individual conducting research in the academic field of organic synthesis and radio-labeling in order to develop new ways to synthesize organic compounds that are environmentally friendly […]

Extraordinary Ability Petition Approved for Cardiorenal Disease Researcher

Our client, an Indian foreign national, is a cardiorenal disease researcher at a prominent medical center in New Orleans, LA. His employer had filed a PERM labor certification on his behalf and he had an approved EB-2 I-140 Petition based on the certified PERM labor certification application. However, our client did not wish to wait […]

USCIS Approves EB-2 National Interest Waiver Petition

Our client holds a Ph.D. degree in chemistry and made research accomplishments that had a degree of influence on the field as a whole of molecular mechanisms of diseases. His research has contributed to many advances in the treatment of infectious diseases, malaria, and cancer. Our client is employed as a postdoctoral scholar at a […]

Outstanding Researcher Petition Approved for Researcher in the Academic Field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Our immigration law firm has successfully handled hundreds of petitions for medical researchers across the United States in the Extraordinary Ability Alien, Outstanding Researcher, and National Interest Waiver categories.  Our most recent approval was received in 3 days via premium processing in the Outstanding Researcher Category for an individual conducting research to understand the molecular […]

Green Card Application Approved for Beneficiary of Approved EB-1B Petition

Our Philadelphia immigration lawyers represent researchers at prestigious Universities and Hospitals throughout the United States. When filing EB-1B outstanding researcher petitions and EB-1A extraordinary ability alien petitions we generally utilize the premium processing service and wait for an approval prior to filing the I-485 Green Card Application. This strategy ensures that time and money will […]