EB1A Extraordinary Ability Alien Petition Approved for Researcher Among the Small Percentage at the Top of the Field of Reproductive and Developmental Biology

Our Philadelphia law firm prepared an EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Alien Petition on behalf of a Chinese National conducting research in the field of reproductive and developmental biology at a Top 10 University in the United States which was approved based upon the initial filing without a Request for Evidence or Notice of Intent to Deny.

We showed that our client had received sustained international acclaim and was widely considered among the small percentage of researchers at the top of his field. In support of his petition we submitted evidence in the regulatory categories consisting of original scientific contributions of major significance in the field, authorship of scholarly articles in professional publications, published material about his work in professional publications, his participation as a judge of the work of others, his receipt of national and international awards, and his membership in associations that require outstanding achievement of their members. We are now preparing the green card applications for our client and his family members.