Extraordinary Ability Alien Petition Approved via Premium Processing

The USCIS Texas Service Center approved an EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Alien Petition via premium processing for a Researcher at a University in New York who was found to be one of the small percentage of researchers at the top of the field of understanding the molecular mechanisms of disease to find disease treatments, specifically related to cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Our client was a National of China who had discovered multiple new treatments for cancer and cardiovascular disease. In support of the Petition we submitted documentation of the receipt of lesser nationally recognized Chinese awards for excellence, memership in associations that require outstanding achievement, published material about the work in major trade publications, evidence of peer review activity judging the work of others, evidence of original scientific contributions, and evidence of authorship of scholarly articles.

Now that the Extraordinary Ability Alien Petition has been approved our attorneys will prepare I-485 Adjustment of Status Green Card applications on behalf of our client and the derivative family members.